Hills wellness centre

Welcome to the HILLS WELLNESS CENTRE, an oasis of relaxation and health for your body and soul. Treat yourself to total relaxation and forget about everyday stress. Our wellness centre is a unique place to regenerate and draw new energies from. There are two relaxation pools counter current and massage jets, 2 Finnish and steam saunas, infra sauna, Jacuzzi, icefall, and relaxation room with views of the Tatras. Discover the charm of wellness and enjoy a wide range of massages, wraps and other relaxation and spa treatments.


The Finns have known the secret of quality regeneration of body and mind for centuries. Inspire yourself and let yourself enjoy the effects of the Finnish sauna. Air humidity reaches 20 to 35%, a temperature of 75 to 90 ° C and has very beneficial effects on our health. It is excellent for the prevention of various diseases and increases resistance of the organism. With sweat, all toxins are washed out of the body and subsequent cooling increases our immunity. The sauna is suitable for those who want to take care of their health. It is used for the regeneration and overall relaxation physically and mentally.

Recommended time: 5 – 15 minutes
Temperature: 75 – 90 °C
Air humidity: 20 – 35 %
Beneficial effects: Regenerative, relaxing, strengthening the immune system, prevention of colds
Contraindications: all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70, pregnancy, influenza, and epilepsy


The steam sauna uses the pleasant effects of warmth, moist steam, aromatic essences, and peace. The herbal steam bath with a temperature of 45 ° C – 55 ° C and moisture up to 100% with the addition of eucalyptus essence brings a unique experience for body and soul. It has disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and healing effects. As the temperature is lower than in the Finnish sauna, the skin can fully engorge with blood, but the body does not overheat. A stay in the steam sauna stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation, relieves stress, helps fight fatigue and cellulite.

Recommended time: 5 – 15 minutes
Temperature: 45 – 55 °C
Air humidity: 100 %
Contraindications: all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70, pregnancy, influenza, and epilepsy


A modern way of using sauna, in which the whole body overheats the infrared radiation, similar to the heat of the sun. Infrared rays congest the body, cleanse the skin, break down cellulite, but especially trigger further recovery processes and relaxation. Your body is pleasantly overwhelmed. Heat from infrared lamps also penetrate into the depth of the body. At a lower temperature of 40 to 55 °C there is intense perspiration, which releases the organism from harmful substances.

Recommended time: 20 minutes
Temperature: 40 – 55 °C
Air humidity: 10 -30%
Beneficial effects: use of infrared rays is appropriate to improve blood circulation, skin purification, and detoxification, reducing cellulite, body warming, starting treatment processes and relaxation.
Contraindications: All acute disease conditions, increased thyroid gland, bleeding disorders, venous inflammatory conditions, epilepsy, infectious diseases, hypertension, malignant tumours, epilepsy, non-healing skin defects of any origin, infectious, portable, parasitic diseases, active TB, bleeding conditions, conditions after a heart attack or stroke, all cardiac and vascular diseases. Relative contraindications: age over 70, use of drugs, acute wounds, inflammation, pregnancy, acute cardiovascular diseases, silicone implants we recommend consulting a doctor.


Treat yourself to a relaxing hydro massage in a Jacuzzi. The hot water streams that come out of the nozzles eliminate pain, act on the joints, muscles of the body and improve blood circulation. You will feel perfectly relaxed.

Temperature: 36 ˚C
Beneficial effects: relaxing, stimulating, regenerative.
Indications: The bath has a sedative and calming effect, is suitable for insomnia, has a sensational effect, releases muscle tone and psychological tension.


In the relaxation zone with deck chairs and a view of Lomnicky peak, you can relax between the individual wellness treatments. Listen to relaxing music and enjoy the view of the Tatra peaks. The relaxation zone brings you with its pleasant environment created for perfect rest a positive and mental stimulation to relieve stress.


The Hills Wellness Centre is dominated by two 8 and 18 meters long pools. Pool water has a constant temperature of 29 °C to 31 °C. The pool is ideal not only for swimming but also for resting and relaxation in the hot tub and jets.


Visitors to the Wellness Centre are required to act according to the operator’s instructions. Check with your doctor if use of the sauna is suitable for you at all, considering your health. Entry to the sauna is not recommended for: pregnant women, diabetics, patients with heart disease, kidney, or thyroid problems, those with high blood pressure, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, fever, cough, headache, if you have any kind of skin diseases, with open purulent or bleeding wounds, transmissible disease or if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.

  • Before entering the sauna, take a shower, and thoroughly wash your body with soap.
  • Enter the sauna without swimsuits and shoes, wrapped in sheet
  • While staying in the sauna, breathe slowly through the nose, not very deeply.
  • It is recommended to use various peels, oils, cosmetic products during use of the sauna, which we will be glad to offer. If the temperature is unbearable, leave the sauna earlier.
  • In the sauna, due to hygienic reasons, spread the given sheet under the entire body including the feet. Sit first on the lowest bench and gradually move to a higher sitting level to avoid heat shock.
  • In the sauna stay quiet and avoid loud conversation. Saunas are a place of peace and meditation
  • After leaving the sauna, cool your body either with a cold shower or use the cold water cooling pool
  • When cooling, cool your body down from the feet to the heart, never pour cold water on the head first
  • End each cycle of saunas with 15-20 minutes´ relaxation lying on the back in the relaxation rooms with deck chairs
  • At intervals between different sauna cycles, try to add fluids, vitamin C, small snacks in the form of fruits to supplement the missing minerals in the body
  • In case of nausea, please immediately find a wellness centre worker.